Niagara Fiberboard Products & Services Categories

Niagara Fiberboard manufactures Upsonite, SBS Clay Coated paperboard and a variety of other paperboard products for a wide range of specialty product and industrial and metal packaging applications. As a guide, below is a list of the products and services categories in which Niagara Fiberboard is listed on ThomasNet (formerly the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers and Thomas Regional Directories).

For specific information about our products, please see the Upsonite, Industrial Packaging, and Metal Packaging sections of our website.

Backs: Case Furniture
Backs: Drawer
Backs: Mirror & Picture Frame
Boards: Backing
Boards: Combination Paper
Boards: Dart
Boards: Display & Exhibit
Boards: Foil Covered
Boards: Furniture
Boards: Game
Boards: Graphics
Boards: Insulating
Boards: Kraft
Boards: Laminated
Boards: Mounting
Boards: Multi-Function
Boards: News
Boards: Paperboard
Boards: Sign
Boxes: Paperboard
Chipboard: Packed
Cutting Services: Paper & Paperboard
Die Cutting
Die Cutting: Chipboard
Die Cutting: Hardboard & Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
Die Cutting: Industrial
Die Cutting: Non-metallic
Die Cutting: Paper
Display Accessories
Display Aids
Display Components
Display Systems: Graphic
Displays: Flat Panel
Displays: Panel
Displays: Theatrical
Exhibits: Theatrical
Fiberboard: Medium Density (MDF)
Frames: Game Board
Furniture Parts
Liners: Drawer
Packaging Materials
Packaging Supplies
Packaging Supplies: Converting
Packaging: Cardboard or Chipboard
Packaging: Custom
Packaging: Paper & Paperboard
Packaging: Protective
Pads: Chipboard
Pallets: Paperboard
Panels: Display
Panels: Fiberboard
Panels: Furniture
Panels: Insulated
Panels: Laminated
Panels: Sign
Paper Converters
Paper: Anti-Tarnish
Paper: Backing
Paper: Gasket
Paper: Industrial
Paper: Insulating
Paper: Laminated
Paper: Laminating, For Foil
Paper: Packaging Material
Paper: Recycled
Paperboard: Clay Coated
Paperboard: Laminated
Partition: Counter Display
Partitions: Chipboard
Reels: Chipboard
Signs: Display
Signs: Interior
Spools: Chipboard
Targets: Archery
Targets: Paperboard
Targets: Shooting
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